Thanks for your interest in applying for the Small Farms for Big Change mastermind. 
This is a high level event, and we want to make sure that we  have the right mix of participants. We want to help you deep dive into your farm, look at financials, talk about struggles, and give you the constructive feedback you need to make positive change.

We will reach out and schedule a short 15 min phone call for an interview if we feel you would be a good fit. 

*We only have 10 spots available.*
Full Name *

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Tell us about your farm. *

How long have you been farming? *

How many employees do you have?

What is your marketing strategy?

Are you okay with sharing financial numbers and receiving constructive feedback?

What are your top 3 farming, life or business questions or problems?




Why do you want to be apart of the mastermind group?

Why would you be a good fit for the mastermind?

Please submit 3 photos of your farm that best capture the stage you are in right now.




Do you have the means to attend if you are accepted? (time, emotional, monetary)

Thanks for applying!  We will be in touch within 2 weeks  with more information.
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